Ukrainian Flag Rope Bracelet with a Piece of a Downed KA-52 Alligator


Introducing our exclusive collection of handcrafted military-inspired accessories, featuring the handmade Bracelet Rope KA-52 Alligator. This exceptional jewelry is crafted from recycled materials sourced from the Ukrainian war, combining a unique blend of cotton, navy paracord, and aircraft skin. Each piece proudly carries the legacy of Brave Ukrainians, with this recycled real piece of main battle helicopter - Russian KA-52. Explore our range of distinctive items, including personalized keychains, monogrammed charms, and more, making them ideal gifts for men, women, fathers, husbands, and military enthusiasts. Discover the perfect blend of style, history, and craftsmanship in our creations.

- Our "KA-52 Alligator Bracelet" is a piece of art known for its exceptional gentleness and pleasant feel against your skin. Crafted from a 5mm (0.2-inch) cotton rope, it adds comfort and style to your attire.
- The clasp of this bracelet is made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, also with a 5mm (0.2-inch) thickness. This sturdy "shackle" type clasp securely fastens the bracelet to your wrist, ensuring both reliability and ease of wear.
- Hand-knotted using marine knots with strong paracord, this bracelet is exceptionally durable and dependable. It is adorned with the flag of brave Ukrainians, expressing support and respect for those fighting for freedom and independence.
- The most unique feature of this bracelet is its fragment from a destroyed Russian KA-52 helicopter in Ukraine. This element carries history and symbolism, adding special significance to your ensemble.
- The bracelet size can be chosen to fit your wrist, with the average size for an adult male being approximately 7.5 inches (19 cm). Select the size that suits you best and convey your style and support through this remarkable accessory.


  • material: Aluminum, Cotton, Stainless steel

Made by natives of Bucha

In memory of our brothers and sisters

The main feature of this coin is that it was made directly by the participants of this tragedy. We are the natives of Bucha, two friends who suffered during the occupation of our city. We developed the design of the coin and brought our idea to life. A little later, got very excited about this idea, we decided to make 4 types of coins with different coatings and create unique cases for them. Cases are also designed and created by us, and every coin has a case.


This is the Сoat of Arms of our Bucha. It represents the family tree of Bucha with strong roots, that arose from merging four towns, which were scattered around the railway station the symbol of development and progress. There are oak leaves around the crest, as a symbol of indomitable spirit, wisdom and strength of Ukrainians.
The Сoat of Arms is surmounted by the crown as a symbol of the aristocratic origin of the city. For the first time, the possession of these lands by the Polish nobleman Lyasoti was mentioned in 1630, where people lived and worked for the well-being of the inhabitants of their native city for many years.


This side of the coin contains three main symbols that the inhabitants of Bucha will be remembered for years to come:

  • our church as a symbol of hope that nobody will forget the many victims who were our neighbors and were buried in the backyard of the church;
  • bicycle, as a symbol of a senseless cruelty, when a man was killed while riding his bike home;
  • growing tree, as a symbol of new life, a symbol of hope and faith that everything was not in vain, that life will become better and in the future all people all over the world will live without violence.